It is a great pleasure as well as an honor for us to invite you to 8th Eurasian Traditional Archery Competitions (ETRAC) competitions which will be held on October 07-09, 2016 Adana, Yuregir - Turkey (formerly in Biga).

As usual, Competitions will run in green pastures with great shows.

Yüreğir tribe is a branch the Oğuz Turks named Ucok (Three-arrows) from whom most of the Anatolian Turks are descended.

Yuregir was the first Turkish tribe to settle in the Çukurova region at the years from 1250 to 1352. They came to the area in flight from Mongol invasions of their homelands in central Asia. They founded villages, at today's Yuregir district. Adana was subsequently settled and resettled by many other peoples including other Turkish dynasties but they were first and the name was given to the area in their memory much later in the early 20th century.

Let's meet where arrows meet. We look forward to welcoming you in Yuregir.